Wednesday, January 8, 2014

What a treat!

there is a long story about my right shoulder to go along with these photos. lol another time. blogger might want to consider a microphone option for composing.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Double Rainbow

Taken on the first day of fall. Once in a life time experience. Words can't describe the few minutes it lasted and this wasn't the best of it. It took me several attempts to capture this and it was on my cell phone. Amazing! 

Thursday, June 27, 2013

I miss blogging

So I'm starting one that pertains to living in Denver.  I'll let all five of you know when it's up and running.

News on Westcliffe, it's dry, I think worse than last year.  We're on a stage II fire ban.  I read it was 98 degrees there today.  I've never experienced those temps down there and I hope it never gets that hot there again.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Get it right!

Colorado Pronunciation Guide    Click on the link to the left for an interesting article.

I've gotten so, so bad at blogging!  It just seems nothing is new. We still visit WC about every ten days for a few days each time.  I still take photos, but unless it's different or unique in some way you've seen it all.

We continue to worry about the lack of consistent moisture, which increases the risk of fire exponentially.

Our "deer friends" continue to visit and without a doubt is always a highlight of our visits.  My fave is "Q-T-Pie".

She "QT" didn't come around our last visit, hope to see her next time!   "Boy" had left for a while but he's back. It's third year for him.  No new photo's of him, and he's lost his rack.

Dude our beloved dog and last of the 4, is suffering from arthritis and is having some trouble getting around, it won't be long......sniff!!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

A new year

My blogging has come to a screeching halt, in part because of FB, in part cause our internet service has been stinking and I hate posting when I get back to Denver about our time that's usually days past.  For years I was able to do with relative ease and speed.  Had a chat with our wireless carrier and today it's tolerable.  Kinda sad, don't ya think!

Anyway this year started out with some excitement, I for the first time in many years actually stayed awake!  It was overcast, so we couldn't see the Adaman, Pikes Peak Fireworks, but we did however think for a moment that the aliens were coming to get us.

Well I wasn't to concerned, but it did give us a bit of a thrill when we saw two rather large red lights coming our way right at midnight.  SRC noticed them out the south windows as I was looking for fireworks out the north windows.  We watched and surmised that some folks had set free two of those Chinese lanterns, rather large ones, great idea by the way.

Last week I got the worst stomach flu of my life! Ended up in the hospital for a few days and still not right yet.  Hope it's my quota for the year. It really, really scares me to be in WC when that happens, bad enough in Denver when I'm only 10 minutes from the hospital! It was not fun!

On to things that make me happy...

I took a whole bunch of photos and a few turned out ok.

I shot all these through the windows, see the reflection on this last photo, I find if I zoom I can eliminate some of the glare, but then you don't see the whole photo or how we're really seeing them.

Ok, I'm done for a couple months. Someone slammed on the brakes.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Seven years later

Off they go!

Our first over-night visitors in newly remodeled cabin

A special girl visits 7 years later

Friday, October 5, 2012

Fall is in the air

Not a crystal clear photo, unfortunately, still lots of color, as you can see. The town trees also still some green to change to that beautiful golden yellow.  It's cooled down to near perfect conditions, cool (well cold) 25 degrees this morning! Day time temps a delight. Firewood cutting season.

The cabin is done except for clean up and window coverings.

The stone work behind the our wood stove is now finished. SRC is happy for that to be behind him and so am I. We had purchased the stone 3 years ago and he was going to do a much larger project so lots of rock left, hum where will we put it?

That sucker was cooking this morning! Some of our "found" objects on the mantel, we both enjoy looking for them in our travels.

Dark-eyed "Gray-Headed" Junco was saved, by me, after flying into the window yesterday.  Heck I have to do my part somehow.

On a personal note, I finally can walk without pain! It's been nearly 4 years since I've been able to say that.  I had a cyst removed from the bottom of my foot in July.  This is the 4th consecutive year I've had foot surgery. My RA dr. along with the surgeon that did the 3 previous surgeries all thought it was a callous. Longer story about all the other foot surgeries, but this has been there in some form or another for that long!
Really?  Unbelievable really!

Also I finally got an Macbook Air and struggling to get use to it.  I love the lightness of it, my Hp weighed a ton.  Glad I didn't wait till I lost all my marbles before making the switch to apple.  There's a few things I'm having trouble getting use to, but with time I'm sure I will love all it's features.

Will be in Florida with my Sister and Brother soon!!!  There could be a post or two before then.

Monday, August 27, 2012


My best friend..I've known since 1984, FINALLY made it to WC with me.  Unbelievable that it's taken 8 or 9 years to get her here.  We have shared many a fun time. I love her to death. 

At the castle! LOL

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

What a moment

It's been five weeks since I've been down to Westcliffe.  Might be one of the longest jags that I've been away. The weather has changed for the better, as we now seem to be into what I would call normal conditions for August, that being, clouds in the afternoon and then a brief shower, then cooling off for the evening, sun often coming out for a beautiful sunset and maybe a rainbow.

We had a nice rain yesterday, (maybe 1/10 inch) and during dinner this little one showed up with her mama and a couple other gals. This is the same fawn that SRC photographed in previous post. You can only imagine how excited I was. I've waited years for that moment! I honestly never thought I'd see one in "spots"  on our property that I could actually take photos of.

A few other photos I took on the way to town to get eggs.

This is the little ones three year old brother, we call him Boy. I think I'll name the fawn "Spots", as we don't really know the sex. SRC says it's a female, in either case "Spots" will work.

 Took the above on our way out this morning at 6:30am. .

The three above were taken on OCG detour through Canon, as highway 67 is closed.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Someone got lucky!

I can't take all the credit for the above photo, however I can take some. SRC took this shot after I had called him to say I had seen the little fellow down the hill from our place (pictured below). I had headed out early on the 3rd to go back to Denver.

It was early in the morning and I stupidly had packed my camera in the trunk of my car!!! How many times have I told myself to always be camera ready!!! I still wouldn't have gotten this adorable photo, because when I saw him or her she was with her mama, scampering around.  I did call SRC to let him know they might be headed his way and to be on the look out, that where I get credit.

I had to leave a message and thank heavens he listened to it, for a little later he heard a coyote, yipping.  Off he went with his gun to check it out. Almost stepped on the sweet thing,  he passed that close. So off he went to exchange gun for camera.
He hadn't moved and didn't moved, not even an eyelash!

Dude was with SRC and he also got pretty darn close. We're thinking. mama somehow got him to stay and NOT MOVE, we also think that.. at that age they must be scent free, or Dude surely would have scared him off. Dude never saw him, the fawn was that still.  How does the mama convey to her young to lay down and not move!

Anyway SRC got a few good photos and felt he was probably safe for the time being. Circled the property and no coyote.  I pray the mama came back and that all is well.  It's the best we can do, is pray for these beautiful creatures. He also was heading back to Denver that same day.

He doesn't relax often, always busy, busy! Still has things to do in the cabin, but this particular two day trip he took it easy.

As the whole world knows we've had fires in the state of Colorado, bad fires, unforgettable fires! Thus far Custer County has been on high alert and anything that has popped up has been controlled quickly! Above is a short rain fall or better defined as Virga. Since we have had heavier rains and the extreme fire danger has been lifted. Thanks Mother Nature for the gift of rain.

 This handsome buck I saw after I stopped and got my camera.

Also saw this horse who wasn't where he should be, but no doubt he found his way home.

Monday, July 2, 2012


As I sit here and write, the clouds are rolling in, but so is the wind. It offers relief from the heat, one might think there would be rain in them thar clouds, we've yet to see it. Neighbor says it's been 3 weeks since last moisture hit the ground in our neck of the woods plus it's been baking hot! It cools off so nice once the sun goes down and by morning it's lovely sleeping temperature, but of course, then it's time to get up.

It looks like it's not moving but it is and making power.

As the whole world knows, fires have been raging in Colorado this year, with unprecedented damage. I've heard and I also believe, it will be the trend in our future.  Climate Change is inevitable.

Are we ready for it? As ready as we can be.

Not sure if you can see the mowed versus not mowed very well since it's all basically brown and shades of tan.

On a personal level, we do what we can to protect ourselves and our beautiful location, here in Westcliffe.

SRC has mowed and trimmed a large perimeter around the barn. On special request he has left some color for me.
Chinchweed?? and honey bee


Of course our major concern is when nature strikes (lightning). Human negligence also weighs heavy on our minds. As we approach the 4th of July we can only hope for the best with the visitors who will travel through and camp in the area.

On the broader scale, our we as a nation ready for climate change, I think NOT!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Just the Family (memorial weekend)

Old fatty not doing so well at wind surfing.

Drew was really catching the wind. there is more weight to catch with him, honest!

On  the leash with Gage, not working so swell.

Removing the least was no problem so far.  He is a smart and very good listener of NO!

Smokey from New Mexico fires.

Taken near the entrance to the ranch we live on.

Water is running over the top.
My handsome son!